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Configure, Price, Quote & Guided Selling Tools 100% Native to NetSuite

The Sole Configurator and Sole Flash modules, that make up Sole CPQ are the only native Product Configurator (CPQ) and Guided Selling platform for NetSuite.

Sole Configurator  enables companies to efficiently quote, sell and process orders for complex customizable products and services. 

Sole Flash benefits organizations through Guided Selling of products and services without the need for product number knowledge all built in the NetSuite ecosystem.

See how your vertical can be helped with Sole CPQ. 

NetSuite Verticals Served

The Sole CPQ Platform is designed for your succes & built for netSuite

Key Benefits of Sole CPQ:

  • Error proof your sales and get the right product every time for any complex good or service
  • Flexible and dynamic pricing logic options to meet unique business requirements
  • Powerful validations allow tight control to ensure valid configurations, proper notifications, and eliminate invalid selections
  • Bills of materials, routings and dynamic work orders
  • Dynamic Guided Selling to find the correct product in stock

Works Alongside you

Sole CPQ works alongside NetSuite’s customers to increase revenues, decrease costs, all while automating the quote and order entry processes. No matter what your product or service is, Sole CPQ can streamline the quoting and ordering process to make you an industry leader. 

What industry insiders are saying:

Having a native CPQ is a game changer for NetSuite. It opens up a whole new world.

Jim Bork VP of Retail Sales,  NetSuite 

I am thrilled that Verenia has chosen to build their full featured CPQ solution Sole, on the NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform. 

Gavin Davidson Manufacturing Industry Lead, NetSuite

A Few Of Our Clients

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Pricing that works within your

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Sole CPQ is a business solution written 100% native to the NetSuite platform that can easily fit your company's goals and budget.

Licensing for Sole Configurator starts at $99.00/user per month and includes error proofing, validations, flexible and dynamic pricing logic support. Advanced Sole Configurator starts at $119.00/user per month and provides  configured product images and  manufacturing data support for  BOM's and Routing information

Licensing for Sole Flash starts at $35.00/user per month which includes the Guided Selling system linked directly to the NetSuite item master. It can be used to simplify selling process for any product or service your company offers. With simple set up tools it can be up and running  within 1 week !